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2015 Cheap Lebron 12 Limited Red Yellow Blue Black Orange White Basketball Shoes On Sale

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LeBron 12 conference Tiger bashing honor to be invited to become the world's one of many media, headquartered in Portland, USA nike Watch close the first time. In addition to the field with a group of fellow Americans outside (you can guess out, and I almost have the insg angle photo sole, sneakernews, nicekicks etc.), there are many French media, several British media, and some are listening not hear anything in the media. Before the start of the conference, ears filled with a variety of words at the same time I was thinking, when reading, LeBron first pair of Air Zoom Generation like but can not afford, a blink of an eye, 12 years have passed ah. I have bulging bellies began to talk shoes, and LeBron and removed between the Heat and the Cavaliers, MVP, FMVP honors already reverted to the bag. Fast forward 12 years, and in the end LeBron's new shoes What has changed? LeBron himself is talking about how 12's? No next time, immediately see decomposition:

Brenkus, ESPN a data file Athletes considerable Niubi host, his own study of the more than 20 years, from seven years ago at ESPN to make his research program in front of us, more than 700 top athletes are the object of his research, by virtue won six Emmy sector (sports). LeBron such a (sheng) top (kou) class athletes, how could he miss it? At the meeting he would like rats, like LeBron analysis again, more worth seeing is the 3-point line into the next basket LBJ only 4/5 seconds, higher than the average NBA level; NBA players rushed to the other end from the baseline period average 13 step, LeBron takes only 9 steps; LeBron shot speed of 0.566 seconds, less than the average level of NBA blocks one o'clock; the time when he, as SF, Brenkus data not shown, on a phrase "Size Mismatch" height, weight, etc. VP .DeGennaro NBA all-round information technology, Bachelor of Science and Master of the legal profession jurisprudence Seton Hall University, Rutgers University, after 98 years to join the NBA, he led the team almost led the development of NBA, WNBA and D-League All software development and statistical data, we check the data succulent is his masterpiece. His speech is very professional, very limited I can understand, it has been handed over to the newsgroups HellokingLeo greatly translated, in a nutshell, LeBron far, indeed cattle NBA level. Nurse nike senior director of Sports Research Lab, brought his research team is also more complex, the areas covered are very broad, including study biomechanics, human physiology, sensory perception, and so in the field of scientific data. Get everything from his research report for the research and data needs of athletes after design exclusive products. He has been doing research before Brenkus Player statistics can be a basis for LeBron 12 design is based on LeBron's own movement style and the resulting data set, especially in this time block Zoom use.

Hensley, added nike18 years now is for the true technological innovation team director. Bachelor of Science in Packaging at Michigan State and Penn State Master of specialized polymer materials science. Before joining nike she was Tetr Plastics (now nike IHM) in charge of Polymers Group, is mainly responsible for nike air production. It has also been responsible for the management of materials and laboratory machinery M & M, the lab for all nike shoes mechanical test, so Hensley cushioning for this development can be said to be the most authoritative. First she broadcast a video, then a little introduction about the leading role in the nike Zoom Air cushioning technology in all, key words: Responsive Springy Explosive. And to tell you that Lebron 12 Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes is not the first use of the Zoom LeBron signature model, the first generations of products are used, and later also used the double Zoom, occasionally more LeBron change their style of play, body weight, etc., in accordance with the LeBron data a Nurse sports Research Lab timely feedback to adjust the cushioning technology used in the end, even give LeBron with Max Air, all this is based on the motion state LeBron provided. LeBron always had the will to lose weight, weight loss was very successful this year, the new season may be more regression swingman position, it is also re-used back Zoom, while blocking the subregion Hex Zoom LeBron is based on the laboratory a series of test data obtained, it is like a Package as provided for LeBron midsole cushioning throughout the region.