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Buy Nike LeBron Soldier 11 Basketball Shoes Online Sale

Posted by admin 14/09/2017 0 Comment(s)


This year's NBA Finals is over, and I can not repeat the miracles of last year. I can only sigh and comfort myself: "It is not our army that does not give power,

Of course, the finals in addition to the basketball level of the showdown, and ultimately the major brands for their new rally, Nike Lebron Shoes during the finals can be described as much attention, its two first star superstar: LeBron James and Kevin Durant have reached the finals, they Endorsement of the latest shoes are also the first time to wear a foot, this article is to introduce the Nike LeBron Soldier 11.

As the active players in the field of signature shoes the longest number of players, LeBron's record is not limited to the generation, even the branch of the Soldier series than the average number of players in the brand era of signature shoes add up to even longer. Soldier series is the biggest feature is across the shoe body of the big strap (except 2 generations), and observe the number of bands after the law, we can easily find, 1,4,5,6,7,8 generation of straps are only One, nine generations have two, 10 generations already have three straps, nearly a month ago, the network has been exposed 11 generations of spy photos, the picture clearly shows that the shoe body a total of four straps. This immediately led to the enthusiastic discussion of users, Tucao are mainly around the number of straps started, so with this ridicule:


"When this generation of Soldier appeared in my hand, my grandmother knew the next generation."

Many people think that "Nike this designer was too easy, and each generation on the basis of the previous generation posted a strap on the end of things friends", and some people think that "shoes for change medicine." And as a LeBron's loyal fans and shoes fans, I just want to say: as today's planet, one of the most powerful basketball player, for their own shoes must have a very high demand, each pair is put on Professional golf course shoes can certainly stand the strength of the field still have to play a tough performance of the rigorous test; Moreover, as a professional designer, each design changes and optimization, are certainly after careful consideration, every simple Of the addition or deletion, are far more than just so simple to see.

I got the last day from the very rich Kaptain hands in the hands of the following let us carefully look at this pair of Soldier 11, maybe you can know it in the end what magic so that James in the finals it will be on it!