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Cheap Nike Lebron 12 Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 20/12/2017 0 Comment(s)

LeBron 12 conference, tiger flutter had the honor to be invited to become a member of many media in the world, the first time in the headquarters of nike Portland, USA. In addition to a group of old Americans with the same field (you can guess the insg are almost angle and my photos sole, sneakernews, nicekicks, etc.), there are many French media, several British media, as well as some listen Can not hear anything. Before the conference started, my ears were filled with words of various kinds at the same time I was thinking that when reading, LeBron first Double Air Zoom Generation like it can not afford to buy, blink of an eye, 12 years have passed. I have been wearing a big belly began to talk shoes, and the little emperor was removed with the Cavaliers and the Heat, MVP, FMVP honor has long been in the bag. Flash 12 years, in the end LeBron new shoes what changes? LeBron himself 12 is how to talk about it?


Brenkus, ESPN's rather co-presenter for athlete data, has personally researched the study for more than 20 years, presenting it to ESPN seven years ago with more than 700 of his top-rated programs Athletes are the object of his study, which won 6 Emmy Award (Sports). How can a LeBron, a kou class athlete, let it go? LeBron venue at the same time he analyzed like a rat again, the more impressive is the 3-point line into the basket LBJ only 4/5 seconds, higher than the NBA average; NBA players from one end of the baseline rushed to another average At 13th pace, LeBron only needed 9 steps; LeBron shot 0.566 seconds, a little less than the NBA average; Brenkus did not give any data when he was an SF, just a phrase "Size Mismatch" height, weight, etc. all-round.

DeGennaro VP of Information Technology, Rutgers BSc and Master of Laws, Seton Hall University LL.M. After joining the NBA in 1998, his team led almost all the software development and data development for the NBA, WNBA and development alliances Statistics, we check the data most cool is his masterpiece. His speech is very professional, I can understand is limited, has been handed over to the news group HellokingLeo greatly translated, sum up a sentence, LeBron so far, indeed the NBA animal level.

Nurse Nike Lebron Basketball Shoes sports research laboratory veteran director, he brought the team to study more complex, also covers a wide range of areas, including biomechanics, human physiology, sensory perception, data science and so on. All research on athletes and subsequent design of proprietary products is based on data from his research. He and Brenkus, who have been doing player data for a while, can be said to be a cornerstone of the LeBron 12 design, all based on LeBron's own sporty styling and data, especially this one-time Zoom.



Hensley, joined nike18 years, is currently director of innovation technology innovation team. Michigan State Packaging Bachelor of Science and Pennsylvania State Polymer Materials Science Master's degree. Prior to joining nike, she previously headed the Polymers Group at Tetr Plastics (now nike IHM) and was primarily responsible for nike cushioning production. Also responsible for the management of materials and mechanical laboratory M & M, this laboratory nike all the sports shoes for mechanical testing, so Hensley for the research and development of cushioning can be said to be the most authoritative. First, she sowed a video, and then introduced a little Zoom Air nike in all cushioning technology leading role, key words: Responsive Springy Explosive. And to tell you, 12 is not the first LeBron signature using Zoom, the earliest generations of products have been used, but also have used dual Zoom, and occasionally more LeBron own style of play, weight changes, etc., according to A Nurse Motion Research Lab timely feedback LeBron data to adjust the cushioning technology used in the midsole, and even the LeBron is equipped with Max Air, all based on the state of LeBron sport provided. LeBron has always been willing to lose weight, this year's weight loss has been very successful, the new season may return to the guard more swing position, so back to Zoom, and sub-block Hex Zoom is based on LeBron in the laboratory Derived from a series of test data, which, like a package, provides LeBron with mid-range cushioning throughout the region.

LeBron private jet landed directly in Portland, and after all the big guys ended their speeches, took a break and let the staff arrange the venues and the second half began. A door, the background seems to have replaced the latest LeBron 12