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James LeBron 12 Evaluation

Posted by admin 05/06/2016 0 Comment(s) Lebron 12 Basketball Shoes,

Yesterday, the Nike headquarters in Portland officially released for James to build a new 12th generation boots LeBron 12, then people have begun to expand this pair of shoes to James himself more in-depth understanding. Before Nike Lebron 11 LeBron is not only his family most selling shoes, but also won the actual shoe market championship, but this has not been the shoes of James I of all ages. So many people want to know LeBron 12 will set off together along with James next season NBA games it? Or he will still put on a favorite Soldier shoes it? James himself said: "LeBron 11 and Nike does make me very uncomfortable, so we immediately began the development of LeBron 12, with the warning that we should not have problems again from the playoffs last season I started to test LeBron 12, in. the last three weeks and a half years, I have been able to feel the full acceleration, and these shoes feel very good feedback. " I believe in the case of James, even behind, LeBron 12 just around the corner before the substitution, and LeBron new technology also will not let the fans down.

Finally, James talked about the most anticipated Nike engraved themselves which pair of signature shoes, he could not conceal his boots for the first Nike Air Zoom Generation affection: "That was my first pair of signature shoes, like is my first love, a child I was very eager to have a pair of their own signature shoe. If I were to choose, it is certainly Nike Air Zoom Generation ".