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New Released Color Lebron 12 Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 20/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Lebron 12 Basketball Shoes,

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LEBRON Shoe 12 after the collar height lower than the LEBRON 11, the appearance is relatively simple, so that a higher degree of flexibility, but also lower for Ajilisi tendon protection. Added to the heel straps, when your feet set into the boots to bring secondary; while the straps embroidered design concept represents LEBRON 12, including genetic engineering LEBRON flag, Lebron James's date of birth, NIKE product research headquarters, LEBRON genetic engineering of code, color code the story and the story of the flag, let LEBRON 12 more personality.

LEBRON 11 launch, small shoes once in the commentary, and criticism too configuration and design materials with superfluous. Although the techniques used LEBRON 12 with LEBRON 11 similar, but the overall fit more naturally; MEGAFUSE vamp foot response activities needed to join the more rugged design, can be extended in the position of plus FLYWIRE, fill the soft, brought vulnerability; HYPERPOSITE with tough qualities to heel design just cover the ankle on both sides, and the outer arch design is effective in reducing foot eversion may bring simple yet comprehensive locking function, while not affect activities capacity and comfort, it is easier to adapt LEBRON 12. Unfortunately, it is difficult to adapt and breathable lace problem, if the future is LEBRON 12 Release ELITE shoes, the design team can expect to improve this aspect.

Each introduced a design or technical front, Nike Sport Research Lab inevitable with fixed line sports athlete testing and analysis, thereby collecting data required for the design of more complex; for LeBron James and the explosive athletic performance data, designers have LEBRON 12 One set to ZOOM aIR cushion as the main cushioning system. ZOOM AIR cushion nothing more than the application of character length, thickness, exposed or concealed design; Nike LEBRON Basketball Soles and 12 places in the chemical structure of the gene for the design concept, with 6 elements and let the bottom of the plurality of different sizes of hexagonal range, which range in different colors set large fine varying ZOOM aIR cushion, and distributed in the compressed position to provide cushioning; to highlight cushion design allows more paste, as in the past but in the end it is like to spend PHYLON material for the stent, with a view to a more comprehensive cushioning system. To provide stability and support capabilities, the sole foot with a TPU stable sheet with a supporting effect; and 12 soles LEBRON also injected a lot of conceptual design of genetic engineering, the chemical structure of DNA was the sole pattern to form a more complex and more the lines, between the sole and the land carved a lot of LeBron James's words, including his name, date of birth, place of birth AKRON, mother, Gloria, and so on, just like carrying the genetic information of LeBron James.


Reconfigure ZOOM AIR cushion LEBRON 12 Basketball Shoes, look at it from the outside of the sole, is difficult to distinguish five ZOOM AIR cushion large fine, which borrowed sample LEBRON 12 (US 9) from NIKE HK, try this solution demolished five ZOOM AIR true colors.
5 ZOOM AIR, the heel is configured with the biggest piece of a thickness of about 12-15mm, toe near the thumb position to spend the smallest ZOOM AIR, a thickness of about 5mm, and two forefoot ZOOM AIR (ie orange and pink), each thickness of about 10mm, a (yellow) to the final thickness of about arch position 7-8mm; cushion set with foot pressure distribution to determine the size and thickness of the cushion, the concept closer to your feet while running pressure Case. Configured with the traditional method of air cushion shoes different, first to PHYLON material as in the end, and then placing the outer layer of the ZOOM AIR, so your feet will be directly in contact with the end PHYLON; thus configured LEBRON 12, wearing them and not because of ZOOM AIR rebound feelings and sense of presence and become affixed to the relatively flexible, but to make ZOOM aIR is not obvious, but also led directly to the location of the compressed air contact with the ground, greatly reduce the pressure on the foot, bringing more comprehensive relief shock and reaction effect. Entire thumb toe cushioning system is set to the most obvious; when wearing other shoes, whenever the emergency stop, turn or shift the position of significant pressure, long-term wear or bring discomfort, but LEBRON 12 Shoes to the position plus the ZOOM aIR cushion helps relieve stress and enhance comfort, taking into account the past few shoes for the intended location; unfortunately it was heel ZOOM aIR cushion rebound is weak, lacking in the past LEBRON series brings explosive, as for the air can increase the area, I believe will bring better (this may be greedy points).