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New Sale Online Nike Lebron 11 Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 06/09/2017 0 Comment(s)


With this year's Nike LeBron series launched to the 11th generation, James has officially become a "11 club" members, before that, only Iverson and Jordan have this honor, and the latest Nike LeBron 11 also by virtue of domineering design And technology configuration to win people a tribute, after all, this pair of Nike LeBron 11 Limited Edition is how to help the active league king James? Let us go to the stadium, to feel this pair of belong to the emperor's shoes.

LeBron 11 shoes, the most attractive will be the number of new Hyperposite material, and this based on Foamposite produced by the material compared to Foamposite has a lighter weight and more excellent stability, and emit with Foamposite Almost the same metal texture, and the use of Hyperfuse and Dynamic Flywire wire is to strengthen the upper breathability and wrapping, in addition to these, the designer is also clever in the shoe body with a hollow design, people can be more intuitive See Dynamic Flywire wire, very mechanical sense. In the actual dress, Xiao Bian felt that, due to the use of a new Hyperposite material, so LeBron 11 and no appearance looks so heavy, wear very light on the feet, and domineering appearance to form a larger contrast in the shoes The surface of the key force point Hyperposite material can provide a strong protective and supportive, and because of the toughness of the material itself, after the force can quickly rebound, so LeBron 11 upper toughness is the other shoes can not match, Coupled with the Dynamic Flywire wire, tighten the shoelaces, LeBron 11 Gamma Blue wrapped a sense of comfort and solid, and Hyperfuse material to make in the two hours after the evaluation, the feet are always dry and comfortable.

Speaking of cushioning performance, LeBron 11 All Star gave us too many surprises, the whole palm Zoom Air cushion all on the large size of the Lunarlon insoles, this approach we have met, in the previous Zoom LeBron 4 also had such a Design, but and Zoom LeBron 4 is different, the LeBron 11 full palm Zoom Air was placed in a large size Lunarlon insoles, rather than ordinary rubber material, which created the LeBron 11 unparalleled sense of foot, especially Followed by a strong sense of sagging and even some people do not meet, it is also to meet the physical qualities of James Superman, in actual combat, LeBron 11 cushioning feeling beyond imagination, and because Lunarlon insoles before the low after the high design, The LeBron 11's Zoom Air and Lunarlon's performance were maximized because of the fact that all the technology was concentrated in the insole, reducing the impact of midsole material on cushioning technology performance.


We said before, LeBron 11 of the upper due to the use of a new Hyperposite material, the upper has a strong toughness, and in the ankle on both sides of the Hyperposite material can fully support the ankle, the new material advantage is played to the extreme, no The traditional shortcomings of the cortex is not durable, there is no high-tech material shortcomings of the shortcomings of the new Hyperposite material in the support of the ankle while giving ankle comfortable wearing experience, whether it is extraordinary or emergency stop speed, your ankle is always Tightly stuck inside the shoe, to avoid the overturned and injured. Cheap Nike Lebron did not use our familiar carbon fiber board, but the use of TPU material, perhaps this is also during the playoffs Elite version of the foreshadowed, TPU material for us these ordinary people enough, then Coupled with Lunarlon insoles also have some toughness, LeBron 11 anti-torsion or commendable.

LeBron 11 outsole with innovative hexagonal lines, this pattern looks like a lunar crater, and in the actual evaluation of its grip is worthy of our affirmation, although not as traditional characters as efficient, but in the Plastic and wood flooring, this hexagonal pattern can still provide a strong grip effect, and because LeBron 11 in the outsole with a "window" design, so Xiaobian advise you here, or choose plastic and indoor The floor of the floor is wearing LeBron 11, which ensures that LeBron 11 has a long service term.

Throughout this pair of LeBron 11, it is likely to become the king of performance next season, all the design is for the current Union of the king - LeBron James, with its own 11 generations of historical status, LeBron 11 will In the new season to bring us endless surprises.