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Nike LEBRON 12 Carefully Orchestrated Release Teens

Posted by admin 25/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Lebron 12 Basketball Shoes,


LEBRON 12 teens has been carefully built to cater to large groups of children age, children, and other special needs of young children and baby grow in life and in basketball.

"Throughout LEBRON 12 teens sneakers series, we used the research to understand the Nike Young Athletes' foot structure groups; at the same time focus on performance, not just style," Nike sneakers teen series senior designer Michael Saranthakos said. "We LEBRON12 entire family feel very proud. They represent innovation and passion, which is our commitment to encourage all athletes and help them improve their athletic performance the best proof."


Big boy version

Big boy version LEBRON 12 is designed for optimal performance expectations of youth basketball shoes were designed. After careful research, accurate data acquisition, test and try the age groups carried out, big boy is a version of the LEBRON 12 once they have, they could not ask for shoes.

Shoes continue LEBRON 12 adult version of the design. In its most critical parts, namely the forefoot portion of the outsole with visual hexagonal EVA foam cushioning components to ensure that you have light and responsive performance. For adolescent athletes, Nike designers with EVA foam to replace the Nike Zoom cushion to provide sensitive cushioning to meet the test of everyday wear harsh environments.

The heel portion is used Nike Zoom cushion, the cushion provided its first used in 1995 by the famous basketball shoes, sometimes excellent cushioning effect.

Lightweight Megafuse vamp provides excellent stability and a sense of locking. It also has the advantage of wear resistance, either from home to school, or from the playground to the stadium, you can easily manage.

In addition, the grip performance is also very important. Older children and children in the version of the shoes are used in translucent sticky rubber outsole, sole with triangular nodes to improve grip performance on a variety of ground.

Big boy LEBRON 12 basketball shoes standard version of the tongue, but in order to facilitate wearing used boots half constructed. This is a different version of the full adult boots. The shoes Hyperposite flanked provides targeted support in the foot ankle and calf, while reducing the hardness of the flank, so that a relatively small juvenile athlete's foot can bend better.