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Nike Lebron 15 devil descended

Posted by admin 03/11/2017 0 Comment(s)

In this long offseason, there is no soul-stirring game, fans and basketball fans are focused on the Alliance News and new shoes release. With the stars of the new signature shoes have been made public, has not yet announced the new James boots became the moment everyone most concerned about the news.

This summer, the Cavaliers finally defeated Golden State Warriors, which makes James more sober, training and more efforts. After the finals, James put himself locked up in the gym, even if the offseason did not relax training, began their own and their rival practice, about James's news much less. LeBron news even with the new boots is airtight, even the spy photos are few and far between.


Finally finally, along with the long-awaited fan Zhan Huang China held low-key activities held, Nike Lebron James Shoes15 double signature boots Nike Lebron 15 finally surfaced. In thousands of fans shouting MVP sound waves wrapped, Zhan Huang finally appeared in people's attention. In this very center of the sea of ​​people, it is Kane Zang and new boots Nike Lebron 15.

As one of the most favorite signature shoes, Lebron series became the current addition to the AJ series of the largest algebra signature shoes. Can go out to the 15th generation boots, but also benefit from James excellent physical fitness, do not know if one day to see the small LeBron and Zhan Huang feet the same generation of combat boots competitive!


After a succession of signature shoes that "did not look good", Lebron 15 has considerable expectations. Sure enough, this time for Zhan Huang Tailor-made Lebron 15 shows the true face of Huashan, it is really bright spots, did not let people down, the value of the rose to a new height! This pair of high-value boots designer Jason Petire was the year LeBron created 7-11 generation designers, once again in charge of research and development, is bound to bring the fans a different surprise!

James in the design of these shoes, I also participated in the design of a lot. Zhan Huang I admit: performance is very important, but the style of life is equally important, can wear on the court, converted to live outside the stadium should wear. Even those who do not play basketball, but also like to wear. Therefore, the appearance of a breakthrough in the traditional "basketball shoes" look more closer to the trend.

And this Lebron 15 Logo personally designed by James, with the previous difference is that it will be placed in the heel of the shoe, this is a completely new change. The use of ink in the end of the design also makes the whole shoe look more rich, can be described as the crowning touch, the transition presents a very natural.


Lebron 15 uses the new Flyknit upper light, the preparation of fewer layers, the construction easier. Fewer stitches, less waste, different from traditional fabric in every aspect, enhancing comfort and package feel. Jason also said that this combination, James can feel very fit foot, like socks, but also fixed feet. About everyone attention to cushioning technology, still using the cushion, but this time the cushion is not that simple. The new air cushion is Jason and James brains together, James like 10 full-time Max Zoom, Air Max feel, but that flexibility is not enough, so 11 to 14 generations have been studying how to further Enhance flexibility, but also make the shoes more sense of venue. In general, Lebron 15 is a very new and very worth looking forward to the shoes, visual inspection will be one of the best performance shoes. James also said that is the best pair of shoes in the past few years and Jason cooperation. Also hope Zhan Huang in the new season can lead a new knight, wearing this new pair of boots, once again launched an attack on the championship!