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Nike Released LEBRON 12 Can Set Off A New War

Posted by admin 01/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Lebron 12 Basketball Shoes,

LeBron James at the highest level of basketball court demonstrated extraordinary overall strength, including strength, vision, efficiency and speed of the outbreak. His preeminent comprehensive capabilities, determine the need for innovation and the needs of their shoes based on parameters multidimensional game. LEBRON James enhanced design 12 in the explosive, while the combination of the following three key advantages: excellent cushioning system, safe and secure and comfortable support force flexibility. "This is the pinnacle moment of Nike: We learn from world-class athletes LeBron James • opinion, the use of forward-looking design presented to create the most innovative shoes." • Kelly, vice president of Nike basketball shoes Hebrew (Kelly Hibler) said, "in the engineering design LEBRON 12 while incorporating science and art to help the best basketball players in the field to enhance performance." Nike sports Research Lab Nike basketball design team provides information on sports performance and depth analysis of scientific tests. LEBRON 12 was born in the laboratory, where scientific data and analysis fully reflects the new generation of cushioning system, support and flexibility needs. The science-oriented design philosophy and strive to meet the needs of James from the maximum extent, taking into account the different needs of athletes all over the world. Main color LEBRON 12 NSRL color inspiration from the Nike Sports Research Lab Open in new shoes innovation. There are five visual hexagon Nike Zoom cushion, each step in the enhancement of explosive while promoting Natural Motion outsole LEBRON 12's. Nike Zoom cushion provided their 1995 was equally impressive when first used in basketball shoes cushioning; now, according to these Nike Zoom cushion basketball performance requires multiple distribution on the feet of the most important pressure points. To tie in with the sole, LEBRON 12 using a lightweight, breathable uppers Megafuse, it is like a second skin of the foot, to minimize the weight of the shoes, and adds breathability and comfort.