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Suspected LeBron 14 prototype test shoes exposure

Posted by admin 26/08/2017 0 Comment(s)


In the last month's Christmas war, the long-awaited Nike LeBron 14 as about the appearance. Eye-catching shoe body straps and KD9 is quite similar to the one-piece socks body shoes gave us left a deep impression.

In the end from the Lebron 12 on the introduction of the Hex-Zoom program, this addition to the number of Zoom unit, increase the volume, and not much surprise.


And a suspected early test shoes spy photos out, let us have a new understanding of this shoe. The biggest highlight of the Lebron shoe is undoubtedly the end of the huge palm full VaporMax air cushion, this has not been commercially available large-capacity cushioning technology, wanted to carry on the promotion of LeBron 14 generation. But taking into account the stability of basketball on the stability and flexibility requirements, and ultimately did not adopt, adjust the program back to Hex-Zoom, which we have to see the final version.


Looking back LeBron 12 release at the beginning, also accompanied by the first appearance of Hex-Zoom, this hexagonal block design, effective distribution in the foot force of the position, play a targeted cushioning and feedback.

LeBron 14 failed to become VaporMax equipped with the first commercially available shoes, there are some regret, as Air Max family members of the new Air VaporMax may be more worthy of our expectations